I’m Cequinne (pronounced like sequin) and I’m an artist, among other things.

I’ve been artsy as far back as I can remember. One of the earliest books I remember having as a kid was a letter book that I had when I was 3 or 4, and I can recall that there were crayon scribbles inside of people and letters.  Growing up, I was considered a “good artist” among my peers and teachers.  I did tend to choose the artsy classes as electives, I did end up choosing Computer Arts as my major in college, and I did hold a number of webby and graphic designy jobs, but the majority of the art I created was for a class or for work.  It was a rarity that I was artistic for my own sake.

Since the early 2000s, I had daydreams of slapping together awesome outfits and modeling them in photos, but they were fleeting thoughts and I never seriously considered doing it until 2011.  It was a slow progression.  In practice, I didn’t really care about clothes and makeup for most of my life, but starting the mid 2000s I started to enjoy it more bit by bit–the first time I went clothes shopping just for the sake of clothes shopping was in 2007.  It wasn’t until 2010 that I realized that the artist in me, without my conscious intention, had bloomed and sought to infuse my creativity in fashion and makeup.

It also wasn’t until 2010 in an awesome karaoke bar in Hawaii that I found out that I had a performer inside of me, which was intellectually surprising for me but felt natural to me.  I was an extremely shy child.  After moving to a new school in the first grade, I was too shy to talk to the administrators so they assumed I didn’t speak English and were going to put me in the fobby class…though in actuality the only language I was fluent in was English.  I was extremely socially awkward throughout my adolescence, and it wasn’t until I went to college that I was forced to start learning how to socialize.  And now somehow, through that process, I’ve become someone who loves to put on a show when going karaoke.  Singing + Dancing FTW!

In short, I’ve always been an artist at heart.  Now, I actually am an artist–a singy, dancy, dressy artist!  It’s taken me about a decade to finally pursue my previously fleeting creative ideas, and in sharing this part of me with the world, I hope to accomplish a few things: to provide value to others in the form of arts and entertainment, to encourage the appreciation of creativity, and to help inspire others to explore their own creativity and pursue their passions.  I’m also (maybe not so) secretly a love bug, and it would be my honor to help bring you a little bit of joy :) <3